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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Yamaha XZ550 Audio File

Okay, so my new head bearings should be delivered by UPS tomorrow. Today, I sit here and listen to the sound of my bike over and over again on my MP3 Player. It might be a little pathetic but I really miss riding. I can close my eyes and pretend I am riding when I listen to this: XZ550 Engine Running

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Poop Happens

Okay, so I dropped my scooter. As I was coming home and bringing the bike up to the basement door on the wet grass, blam! Before I knew it, the bike was laying on the ground and I was standing next to it. The good news, very minimal cosmetic damage... Just gotta replace a turn signal. The bad news, I damaged the head bearings, so now I have to replace/upgrade then to the tapered Roller Bearings. The bike is unridable at the moment due to the bearings. I have a friend in TN who is sending me a turn signal. I guess in the near future, I will be documenting how to change out your head bearings on a Yamaha Vision... Stay Tuned.

Saturday, September 10, 2005


Ever since I started riding a motorcycle, I have always said that I don't need anything, but me, the bike and the road. That is all I ever needed to unwind, relieve stress, or just enjoy a great day riding. Well, I recently acquired an MP3 Player, an iRiver to be more specific. It's a whole new experience riding with quality music playing in your helmet. It's more like.... Flying. I can really lose myself in the ride and float on down the road.

Now, I need a good collection of riding songs. Please, if anyone has any recommendations for downloadable MP3s for the road, post here and let me know. I have an account with and at 10 Cents a song, I am ready to build my collection for the road.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Changes Are Happening

I am finding that I am riding my bike more often than I drive my car. I guess with the gas prices, this is a good thing. However, The last two commutes to work, I found it was more comfortable to ride with the heated grips turned on. I also officially switched the fairing vents from "Cool" to "Warm". I guess fall is getting closer. I am going to try and resist the temptation to change over from riding more often to driving more often. I also noticed that when I started the bike at work, it was leaking fuel out from the carburetor overflow tubes again. I flogged the bike home and it seems to have cured it's self. I will have to keep an eye on the situation. If it continues, I will have to clean out the float bowls again. I guess somethings never change.

Thursday, September 01, 2005


Please help remember the thousands of people left homeless by Huricane Katrina. They need cash now. Please click on the link above and donate what you can to the Red Cross. If you were spared by the storm, think about opening your home to a family and helping them get back on their feet. Anything will help...

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