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Sunday, November 27, 2005

3:18am 13.7v 26.4f

That was the reading on the inside of the fairing on the Vision when I left work this morning. The seat was encrusted with ice, the black ice alert was beeping and I was heading over Ferrum Mountain Road. Other than my face shield fogging up, it was refreshing. I have been itching to ride over the last week or so and this was an opportunity. I just ordered a set of used forks and I am waiting for them to arrive. Hopefully, that will take care of my front end shake... If not, it will be the task of swapping out the swingarm bearings.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

New Yamaha Vision Igniter Box

For Immediate Release:
Oct 24th 2005

ElectroSport HELPS Puts VISION into YAMAHA
Harley tuning legend Babe DeMay had a vision to put a Yamaha Vision 550 onto the racetrack. The result is the Memphis Shades Yamaha Vision. Yes, you heard correct, that’s a Yamaha Vision! ElectroSport jumped at the chance to work with DeMay on this project, as the stock CDI would flatten out at just under 8000 rpm. The Stock CDI was certainly good for cruising around town, but not close for the requirements of competition. And, for ElectroSport this was much more that just removing the CDI rev limit, but to develop and fine-tuned the CDI with a curve for maximum horsepower with superior torque output for the requirements and demands of AMA Pro Flat Track Racing. ElectroSport’s knowledge of CDI performance curves and how the power is put to the ground resulted in a winning combination for DeMay and the Vision. ElectroSport produced a CDI with reliability and serious performance gains. How good? The new CDI developed by ElectroSport adds and additional 5000 rpm which should make the Vision more than competitive. Of course, Babe Demay provided many other modifications to the Vision engine and in combination with ElectroSport’s CDI engineering, should help put the Vision into the winner’s circle in 2006

For Immediate Release:
Oct 24th 2005

ElectroSport teams Up with Pastrana to Deput New RM-Z 450 Stator, Flywheel and HID Lighting at 24 hours of Glen Helen
ElectroSport Industries joined in with Travis Pastrana, Brian Deegan, Jason Lawrence and Greg Godfrey on a factory backed Suzuki RM-Z450, for the latest addition to the world famous “24 Hours of Glen Helen”. Starting from scratch, the engineering and design team at ElectroSport worked quickly to develop a high output stator and flywheel to power the RM-Z450. Tests confirmed over 125 watts of lighting were available for the premier hard-core endurance race. ElectroSport was also tasked with designing a lightweight racing HID lighting kit for Pastrana’s team. The end result was a true factory finish, which worked flawless over the demanding Glen Helen course. Pastrana unfortunately took himself out after a high speed get-off, but the team soldered on through the night and finished a respectable 5th place overall. Truly a great endorsement for the innovative team at ElectroSport.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Cycle World - December 2005

I'm Famous! I had a Letter to the Editor published in Cycle World Magazine. On page 20 of the December/05 issue of Cycle World, there I am, published, from Callaway, Virginia. Oh, this is exciting! Ain't that a pretty picture? Hurry up and get out to those news stands, this issue of Cycle World is going to be a collector's item.

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