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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Tuggle's Gap Closed

Twin Valley Rifers

After getting the starter back in the bike and filling the bike with oil, I decided that I should meet up with the Twin Valley Riders at Tuggle's Gap for breakfast. Well, it appears that I need a new battery. While trying to start the bike last night, I was having a hell of a time trying to get it started. With the new starter, it seemed like it was turning over fine, but just would not fire. Added some SeaFoam, let the bike prime and still would not fire. I hooked the battery up to the minivan and it still would not start. I scared the bejesus out of my wife. You see at the same time I was trying to start the bike, my 10 year old Son was learning how to clean his bolt action .22 rifle that he had recently received for his birthday. A Yamaha Vision, with a low charge on the battery, will back-fire when trying to start it. My wife (& my Son for that matter) thought the gun had discharged. Scared the piss out of everyone. I finally had to resort to drastic measures to get the bike started... I started the engine to the minivan and tried to start the bike. It started right up. However, it only ran for a few moments as I was letting it warm up. It appears that it was also out of gas.

Sunday morning, time to ride and meet up for breakfast. Once again, a bear to start the bike, but it did eventually fire up. Off to the A&A Market in Callaway to get fuel. Nope, the A&A Market doesn't open until Noon on Sundays. I head off to Ferrum to get fuel and hope that the reserve will last the 8 miles it is to the Ferrum Minute Market. I made it with no problems. I took Rt.40 to Rt.8 in Woolwine. Rt.8 to Tuggle's Gap. Arrived slightly late and found everyone still outside. Turned out that Tuggle's gap had been bought out and the new owners have not opened the restaurant for business yet.

A group decision was made to ride down the Parkway to The Meadows of Dan for breakfast. This turned out to be a great decision as the service was good and the coffee hot. I had a bacon sandwich and some toast with coffee. Total for breakfast $3.74. After breakfast most of the TVR'ers took off in various directions. Bill Lewis, his boss "Steve" and I decided to head North on the Parkway back toward our respective homes. The three of us, a Private Investigator, an Attorney and a Cop (I know there is a joke somewhere in there) had a leisurely ride up the parkway with very limited traffic. I broke off on Five Mile Mountain Road and headed back to Callaway. It was very good to be able to take the bike out after a 2 Month hiatus. A total of 80 miles on a pleasant Sunday morning.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Shift Shaft Problems - Oil Leak?

Alright, so I think I found where my oil leak is coming from. It appears that it is coming from my shift shaft seal. But why? Upon closer inspection, I found that the entire shift shaft will move in and out about one centimeter. This is more than enough to release the washer and circlip from the oil seal, thus allowing the oil seal to leak. Now, I need to find out why the shift shaft is able to move and find out how to fix this. If you have any ideas, please let me know... (Leave a Comment here, or visit the Riders of Vision Forum and let me know there.

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