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Friday, January 05, 2007

Three Thousand One Hundred Sixty Four

I ended the year with 23,880 miles on the Yamaha Vision’s odometer. That put me right at 3,164 miles ridden for the year 2006. Unfortunately that’s about a thousand miles less than I did in 2005. There were a lot of repairs and upgrades for 2006, so I attribute fewer miles to a better Yamaha Vision.

My annual New Year’s Day motorcycle ride was a day late. On Tuesday, January 2, 2007, I took my annual trek for about 120 miles. The ride on the scooter was one of those rides where the destination changed at every intersection. Without any place in particular, I found myself in Bedford.

I met with my friend Steve, who works at the Police Department. Steve was kind enough to make time for me even though he had no idea that I was going to pop in and visit with him. We walked outside as he wanted to see the Yamaha Vision. I showed him some of the things I have done to the bike to make it better, including the new heated vest I made. He looked at me funny when I told him I made the heating element myself. Steve also expressed concern for me and hoped that it didn’t start raining, thinking I would short myself out.

The new heated vest I made is so much better than the previous heated vest I made. My new vest has a convenient plug mounted on the bike with an on/off switch mounted next to my right leg. The vest made for a very cozy ride in the 45o temperature.

After meeting with Steve, I ate the peanut butter sandwich I had packed for lunch and went and visited the D-Day Memorial. I just visited the parking lot as I was just looking for a photo opportunity to show I was in Bedford.

The ride home was just as good therapy as the ride to Bedford. Another new year to look forward to and another great ride to kick off the New Year!

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