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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Additional Manassas Note

Sorry, I forgot to mention in my previous post about my trip to Manassas that somewhere on I81, I saw a Harley broken down on the side of the road. Even had the dude in the dayglow green suit who helps stranded motorists out there helping him. The dayglow guy had a hammer and he was just beating on it like there was no tomorrow trying to fix whatever was wrong with it. The dude's girlfriend was standing on the shoulder just staring at them with a look of total confusion in hopes that the two guys could get that trailer road worthy again. Dude, Just Ride The Bike!

Monday, June 13, 2005

The Slab 2 Manassas

Lucky from the Rider's of Vision Forums announced that he was going to be in Virginia, Manassas to be more correct. So, I had to go meet the all knowing Lucky, after of course I got the go ahead from my wife.

With the go ahead in place, I left the house in Callaway at about Noon, Sunday. A storm had just passed and the roads were wet. The Avon Super Venom rear tire did not get anywhere near the mileage I expected, so I needed to take it a little easy in the curves on the way to Rt.220. Once on Rt.220, the roads dried out a bit, then Rt.581 to I81. On I81, It started to rain lightly, so I stopped under an overpass and slipped into the rain gear. The balding rear tire handled pretty well in the rain as long as I was traveling in a straight line on the 4 lane.

The rain stopped and I stopped in Quicksburg to look at some parts. The parts look good and I will probably buy them, just need to look at finances... especially with vacation coming up. Some parts I need and some parts I don't, but they all come as a package.

Back onto I81 North, the rain gear now removed and the blue sky starting to show. I had to stop for gas before getting to I66. I filled up in Staunton after getting 42.1 miles to the gallon. After filling the tank, I promptly spilled fuel all over the bike... SHIT! I still don't know what happened. I filled the tank to where I normally fill it, turned to hang the pump, looked back and here comes a huge bubble of gas up the inside the tank. By the time I turned to grab paper towels gas was flowing everywhere. The service station had no water available, so after I got back on I81, I was hoping for rain again... No luck.

Made it to I66 and onto Manassas. I didn't hit any real traffic until I got about 1 mile outside if Manassas, where it was down to about 25MPH. I got to Manassas shortly after 5:00PM, knowing that Lucky and Family would be late coming out of Washington, DC due to traffic and just the mess that NoVA is, I made myself comfortable, grabbed a drink and some chips and relaxed. Lucky arrived shortly after 6:00PM and after saying our hellos, Lucky told me that if I didn't get in the pool, he was going to throw me in. When I tried the excuse that I did not bring any swim trunks, he produced a pair of shorts that I was going to wear.

After cooling off in the pool, we had some quality talk over some pizza a soft drinks. The only thing stopping the conversation was the distant sounds of motorcycles and the hopes that one of them was Blake, another member of the ROV forum. Unfortunately, Blake had bike trouble and didn't make it all the way to the hotel. With chow behind us, it was off to look at the bike. Some more great conversation across the saddle and some pictures.

It was moving onto 9:30PM and then 10:00PM and the clock kept ticking. So, shortly after 10:00PM it was time for me to head on back to the house. In the dark and with traffic at a minimum, the bike performed well at 75mph. I66 to I81 to Lexington for more fuel. This time, I was much more watchful as to what the gas was doing in the tank. No fueling problems after 44.2MPG and I was back on the road. I would like to thank the guy in the Toyota Forerunner with Temporary Tags for flicking his cigarette out the window while I was keeping my distance behind you. The show of burning ashes bouncing off my fairing was breath-taking.

I made it to I581 and then Rt.220 and onto Bethleham Road out of Boones Mill where it started raining again. Home by 2:00AM after 484 highway miles. Thanx Lucky & Family for a great time. I look forward to the next one. Oh, and Lucky, I see you made it home safely as it appears that you are already posting on the forum.

Lucky sitting on my bike. Sorry Lucky, that's all your allowed to do. Just sit there and look pretty. Posted by Hello

Lucky & Family in Manassas, VA Posted by Hello

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