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Thursday, May 24, 2007

New Videos - Franklin County

Is it raining today? If you can't get on your Yamaha Vision and ride today, sit back and enjoy these video rides:

Thursday, May 17, 2007

One Less '83 Vision Rear Shock

Well, quite a while ago, I bought a 1983 Rear Shock for the Vision from eBay. I was planning to eventually upgrade my 1982 Rear Shock to the '83 Shock. Today would have been that day, however...

After several months, I finally pulled the shock out from it's hiding spot under the work bench. Yes, it was indeed a rear shock from a 1983 Yamaha Vision. This is the shock that every Vision owner claims a a great improvement over the rear shock from the previous year. Both rebound and damping adjustments. Outstanding! Before I get started, let me check where the adjustments are on the newer shock.

Gee, it appears that the damping adjustment control has a bit of rust on the threading. I sprayed some "PB Blaster" on the threading and gave it some whacks with a hammer to send some vibration through the control. I still couldn't get it to budge. Spayed it with more "PB Blaster", put the shock in the vise and still couldn't get it to move with a pair of Vise Grips. More "PB Blaster" let it sit for a while, more vibration and repeat. Still Nothing.

I then put a flat head screwdriver against one of the teeth in the control knob with a couple of quick whacks. Still nothing. I was then starting to think that I was glad I didn't install the shock and then try and change the settings. Two more good whacks with the hammer and screwdriver and the damping control knob split in half. One less usable 1983 Yamaha Vision Rear Shock in existence.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

It's That Season Again!

The weather is warmer, the oil in the motorcycle has been changed, the tires are in good condition, the carburetors have been freshly synchronized and every damn road in Franklin County is getting a fresh new coating of GRAVEL! Just a few weeks ago, I complimented Franklin County for being pro-motorcycle in their tourism propaganda and now it's Spring Gravel Season. Why would the county promote motorcycling in the area and then promptly coat every road in existence with tar and gravel??? It doesn't make any sense! Lure the motorcyclists into Franklin County and then laugh at them once they get here because they are slipping and sliding and falling all over the place on our wonderfully maintained back roads. Franklin County & VDOT, you both suck!

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