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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Organ Donation

No, I am not talking about what would happen if the bike went down. In fact we will not even mention that. What I am talking about is keeping vintage bikes on the road. For the last two years, I have been slowly parting out an old Suzuki GS on eBay. Yes, I have made some money on some of the parts I have sold, but it's more than that...

I originally paid $400 for the GS that I knew was going to need work. When I bought it, the bike did not run. The "family" that was selling the bike made the comment that they "are good Christian people and would not screw me on this sale". Well it turned out that the engine was trashed due to bad compression. How did a normally indestructable GS engine go bad, maybe it was one of those "good Christian people" riding the bike for years without an air filter on it. In any event, I made the cost of the bike back in selling the parts.

Back to the donation part. My first bike was a 1984 Suzuki GS650E. Wow, did I love that bike. The smuck that I sold it to in Maryland crashed it within the 1st week he had it. The last 10 or 12 bike parts I sold on eBay, I would have liked to have turned a profit, however I didn't. In fact, I have lost money on the eBay sales. Am I bitter about it? No. I liked my Suzuki GS Series bike so much, that my ultimate goal from parting out my GS is to keep as many GSs on the road as possible.

If my dead GS can donate as many organs as possible, it will keep living within the soul of many other great bikes. But, donating bike parts helps in another way as well... It enriches the soul of the owner/rider of that vintage machine as well. Two souls saved for the price of one. Maybe that's what the Good Christain People meant when they screwed me on the purchase of this vintage motorcycle.

It really makes you feel very good inside to keep a bike AND rider on the road.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Just playing around with Bumper Sticker designs. I think this one looks pretty good (for those days where I have to be in the cage). Posted by Hello

Sunday, February 06, 2005

TVR Sunday Breakfast

Needless to say, I didn't make it to breakfast. It wasn't for not trying... I started out by riding the bike to work Saturday night. After work at 8AM Sunday morning, I dusted off the ice on the seat and started the bike. A longer than normal warm up period as the temperature in Ferrum was only 28 Degrees. I headed West on Rt 40. It was mighty cold without any electric clothing. All I had was my heated grips. Anyway, I got to Shooting Creek to head over to Floyd. I noticed that I could no longer feel my knees. The temperature reading was 19 Degrees. The temperature, my total lack of sleep and the large amount of ice encountered on Shooting Creek forced my body to turn around and head for home, even though my brain wanted to keep going onto Blacksburg. The body won out today. I guess I have finally found my low temperature limit. When I did finally get home, I found a good layer of ice from my visor back across the top of my helmet, that was neat. My runny nose took a while to thaw out and clear up too. Whoo Hoo, what a morning. Still got to ride about 25 miles this morning before going to bed. Sad part was that by the time I got home, the thermometer on the bike read 37 Degrees.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Pictures of Ghosts

The Kid of Speed is the absolute most touching Blog I have ever read. If you don't ever read another Blog ever again, make sure you read this one: Kid of Speed. The person who donated the webspace has put up a disclaimer and some have suggested that the Blog is a hoax, however the way you feel after you read the blog and see the pictures will be undeniable. On the front page, click "Beginning" to get started and then follow from "Next Page" to "Next Page". Thank you Elena.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Days are Getting Longer

Yes, they are! It was pointed out to me the other day, by the wife, that it was still light out when it was 6:00 PM. Yes, the days are getting longer. I took the bike out today. It was 44 Degrees and I went for 30-35 mile ride. I had to drop off some paperwork at the Franklin County Sheriff's Office and mail some eBay motorcycle parts at the Post Office. What better way to run my errands than on the bike. It was sort of comical trying to get the bike out of the basement. The basement is in the back of the house and although I can ride right into the basement, the large sheet of ice outside the sliding door made traction rather difficult, especially trying to push the bike in reverse. With the melting snow, riding down the driveway was like trying to ride the bike through a large skillet of Hamburger Helper. It just made things interesting.

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