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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Pissed Off Gremlins

I will tell you that the Yamaha Vision Gremlins are a lot more vindictive than anything associated with Progressive Insurance. It was just one day last month that I went cheap on the bike and added one tank full of Regular 87 Octane Gasoline and that really pissed off those nasty gremlins. During just that one tank of gas, my bike over heated due to the thermo switch to the radiator fan fuse blowing and the engine not cooling properly (I've previously written about it) AND the front cylinder on the V-Twin stopped working.

Those gremlins were working over time! The front cylinder simply stopped working while riding down the road. I wasn't riding hard or stressing the bike in any way. I just didn't realize that there was a gremlin on the bike with me riding 2-up.

The rear cylinder of the bike got excessively hot as the coolant in the radiator was not circulating with the front cylinder staying cold. What a mess! I limped the bike home and found the wire from the rev limiter and just snipped it. Cutting the rev limiter is a common and easy fix to the front cylinder cutting out on the Vision. Easy as pie.

Now back to your regularly scheduled daily commute.


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