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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Days are Getting Longer

Yes, they are! It was pointed out to me the other day, by the wife, that it was still light out when it was 6:00 PM. Yes, the days are getting longer. I took the bike out today. It was 44 Degrees and I went for 30-35 mile ride. I had to drop off some paperwork at the Franklin County Sheriff's Office and mail some eBay motorcycle parts at the Post Office. What better way to run my errands than on the bike. It was sort of comical trying to get the bike out of the basement. The basement is in the back of the house and although I can ride right into the basement, the large sheet of ice outside the sliding door made traction rather difficult, especially trying to push the bike in reverse. With the melting snow, riding down the driveway was like trying to ride the bike through a large skillet of Hamburger Helper. It just made things interesting.

Do the standard bikes (mirrors, light, etc.) bolt right onto an original Vision fairing?
Ebay is an incredible marketplace, however you will seldom hear of all the money lost, one way or the other, using ebay. I lost plenty with an ebay brick and mortor store.
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