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Sunday, February 06, 2005

TVR Sunday Breakfast

Needless to say, I didn't make it to breakfast. It wasn't for not trying... I started out by riding the bike to work Saturday night. After work at 8AM Sunday morning, I dusted off the ice on the seat and started the bike. A longer than normal warm up period as the temperature in Ferrum was only 28 Degrees. I headed West on Rt 40. It was mighty cold without any electric clothing. All I had was my heated grips. Anyway, I got to Shooting Creek to head over to Floyd. I noticed that I could no longer feel my knees. The temperature reading was 19 Degrees. The temperature, my total lack of sleep and the large amount of ice encountered on Shooting Creek forced my body to turn around and head for home, even though my brain wanted to keep going onto Blacksburg. The body won out today. I guess I have finally found my low temperature limit. When I did finally get home, I found a good layer of ice from my visor back across the top of my helmet, that was neat. My runny nose took a while to thaw out and clear up too. Whoo Hoo, what a morning. Still got to ride about 25 miles this morning before going to bed. Sad part was that by the time I got home, the thermometer on the bike read 37 Degrees.

I didn't know you had a blog! Cool.
I have one too, but haven't been posting much lately.
Check it out at

See you soon,
Hey Chris,
Yup, I have a Blog. I started it as more of a record for myself, but now I am pretty much addicted. Checked out your blog and added it to my favorites list.

Keep riding and stay safe,
Chris F.
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