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Saturday, August 26, 2006

New Bike?

I spent some time today playing with the carburetors. I tried syncing them and found that I could only get it close as the idle was running very rough. After getting it close, I played with the mixture screws on each carburetor. The front carb was easy and set at five (5) turns out. The rear carb was a bitch to get a screw driver on the mixture screw. I basically had to set it by ear as I couldn't keep the screw driver on the screw to be able to count the turns. In any event, I got it done and then changed the oil. I went back to Castrol 20W50 Semi Synthetic. The full synthetic just didn't feel right. The semi Synthetic feels a little smoother shifting. I took the bike for a test ride and found that she will do 70 mph in 4th gear. 5th gear is now just a bonus to get up to the tom mark.

(All vehicle test riding was conducted on a closed track by a professional driver)

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