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Monday, July 17, 2006

Finally Some Ride Time

So, the rains have stopped and I have been able to get in a couple of days ride time, even if it is just back and forth to work. I did use some of the rainy down time to make some improvements on the 'ol Vision.

The latest improvement was adding a Distribution Block to the electrical system for all the electronic gadgets/extras I have for the bike. I found the instructions on the Canyon Chasers website. They have some excellent DIY articles listed on their site. The one for the distribution Block is very well written and very easy to do.

I realized I needed to do this upgrade after looking at my battery and seeing very large "Wire Spiders" living on top of the terminals. Now the only things hooked to my battery are the Ground & Power Lead, the pigtail for the Trickle Charger and the Distribution Block leads. I also doubled the pigtail for the trickle charger to power the Lap Timer, Voltmeter and Ice Alert Thermometer. Everything seems to work well with the voltmeter reading what I consider to be more accurate readings.

I've also added pictures of my Bike Brain <-Click There

Hi from Germany,

nice photo on the top side, must be our tour from 2003 (pic made in Tydal, on the border between Germany and Denmark), mine is the 3rd one with red fairing from the right.
Maybe you are interested in european vision parts, wich differ in some details: Handlebars shorter, foot-bars (i dont know the right word, you know what i mean...) more backwards for a more sportive driving-position, a shorter primary transmission and two disks in the front-brake.
For more infos visit us at or send an email to

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