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Monday, June 05, 2006

Almost Squashed by a FedEx Truck

Well, I was almost squished by a FedEx Ground truck the other day. I was on Ferrum Mountain Road, at the intersection with Franklin Street, waiting to make a Left turn, with the Vision stopped and both feet on the ground. I looked both ways and saw a FedEx Ground truck coming down Franklin Street from my Right. As the truck approached the intersection, the driver suddenly turned Left, cutting the corner short across my lane. As he was making the turn, my bike must have been in the blind spot, behind the post between the windshield and the driver's side window. The truck was heading straight for me and I couldn't go anywhere! I was positioned right in the middle of the front grill on his truck. When he finally saw me, the truck was about 3 feet from me. When he saw me, he stopped the truck short and lifted his arm as if to apologize. He then had to back up his truck and cut the wheel to the right to get around me. The really scary part is that I used to work as a subcontractor for FedEx and I am still $40,000 in debt due to that evil company. Getting squished by one of their trucks would have been like having the knife twisted once it was plunged into my back.

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