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Sunday, May 21, 2006


This post is not about motorcycles or motorcycle riding, but it still only involves two wheels. Heather, my wife, and I were introduced to Dirt Surfing. Heather might be working on an editing job for a new publication all about Dirt Surfing. So we went to find out more about this new sport. We met with the CEO of Dirtsurfer USA, Brian Duvall. Brian gave both Heather and I some quick lessons on how to ride the Dirt Surfing board. The board consists of a platform between two bicycle like tires. The front of the board has a swing arm that will turn the board when you lean to one side. The back has a calf operated brake. Heather and I started out slow, using one of Brian's boards, on a small hill in Waid Recreation Park. Even with just the small hill, this thing is fun. Watching Heather roll down the hill with a huge smile on her face was just fun to watch. I only wish we had brought the camera with us. One of the coolest things about dirtsurfing (is it one word or two... I dunno), is that they can be run on the street or off road just like a mountain bike. Summertime ski resorts would be great for these boards.


Thanks for the nice comments on Dirtsurfing. It was a pleasure meeting you guys this weekend. Let me know when you two want to go for a little longer ride.

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