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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Taking a Break from The Dragon

Just thought we would post a teaser picture from the area of Deal's Gap.... Mutt and I are currently at DaveTN's house in Knoxville and the Visions are currently out in the driveway plotting against us. Tomorrow morning Mutt and I will be heading home and leaving the Dragon behind us until next year.

PS: Mutt will have to tell you about the "Starter Rock"

ok, ugly guy in the middle, but i like the bike on the right... and the guy on the left will have to put up pretty soon (your son looks thrilled Dave)
Glad to see you're still alive dear. And we'll have to discuss the plans for "next year" with the family - the kids really would like to go to Disney before they are adults. You know, a family vacation - without the bike being involved? Gasp!
chris you let your wife cuss at you like that. not include the bike! i say thems fightin words, i say!!
Chris, looks like from what your wife wrote we'll have to scrap your plans to ride to Key West next summer unless we do like you said, make it coinside with the Disney trip! :-)
You know there's lots of things for the kids to do at "The Dragon". There's also Dollywood!

Hahaha...your so in trouble!


I am very excited to see The Vision starting to back to live. Maybe some one can help me with mine?

I have a 1982 Yamaha Vision that I cannot get running. I have good start fire, but it seems like its not getting plenty of gas. It has not been ran for ~3years, I cleaned the carbs, replaced all of the lines, fluids, spark plugs, battery, and tank but it back fires like a freak!! I thought it was gonna blow me up. Ive gotton it to turn over yet I have to throttle it to keep it on (make sense?). I am at the end of my knowledge about this.

Many thanks in advance,
Angel :-)
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