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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Riders of Vision (.net) Forum

Alright, enough is enough! Apparently the Vision Forum has gone down. I now know what it feels like for my wife when the news breaks in with a "Special Bulletin" during "All My Children".

Will Lucky start moving to Tennessee? Will PS2 make it to the Dragon again this year? Did GAWolf really sell his Visions? Will they mysteriously reappear sometime in the future? How about HFarley's promiscuous Visions, and their love/hate relationship? Who is the new person and why are they asking about a rattling noise coming from the engine? Should they buy it? I know somebody in the show is gonna have a Vision that didn't start this morning, who is it going to be?
Oh the suspense is just too much... When will it come back up in my browser?

It's been driving me crazy!!! I keep checking every hour or so but no luck.
Hey motorplow, Can't wait to see you for the after ride get together at my place. Since ROV is down I don't really have a grasp for who will be coming over Sunday afternoon. If you have a head count, let me know so I can stock up on supplies. you can let me know at xz550rj(at)

Hey Chris, ROV being down is driving me crazy too. How many of you all will be stopping by for the after-ride get together. I need a head count so I can stock up.
email is xz550rj at

Maybe we had too many hits in the month of April! Stranger things have happened. We need an alternate plan for when something like this happens. Maybe list what's wrong on someone elses website?

I'm positive now, the ROV site is a prescription, not a subscription.
I've finally realized that the site is a prescription, not a subscription.

ACCCKKKK!! I need my ROV! The withdrawls are killing me!!! Having to spend quality time with ones spouse is just not fair! Thers no place like ROV...There's no place like ROV......
chris, doesent look like ill be making it to the dragon. im hoping for later this year. i need my rov. im starting to get the shakes and feel real nervious. whats the point of being online without rov.

I guess I'll sell my computer and my Vision. Computer's no fun witout ROV and the Vision can't be repaired without it.

OK don't you guys agree that the withdrawls are getting pretty bad at this point? maybe we should all start archiving some of the website so that if this happens again we can puruse through old posts.LOL! I went to work on the bike only to realise that I needed the pointers from the ROV website to do the work. DOH! I knew I should have printed out that post. LOL! Oh well hopefully it will be up again soon and then we can all resume our normal every day lives.
If we were normal, we wouldn't be riding Visions... :)
Lucky, You are soo right! LOL! I think we have found our ROV alternative right here on Motorplow's blog. LOL! So anyone want to tell me how to use a multimeter again? I need to know which holes to plug the cords into. Thanks!
I have a cool yamaha belt buckle nwith a picture of a vision on it. Anyone interested?
I have an 1982 "Vision",non-running,good parts bike. Pick it up for 100 title,will give bill of sale.
Hurricane, Sold. Where are you located. How complete is the bike? Email me directly christopher (at)
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