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Friday, March 10, 2006

Weird New Math

60oF+ before 9:00am this morning and I have to go into town to get some Black RTV Sealant for the new Master Cylinder Sight Glass I have to replace the old one. I fired up the 1982 Yamaha ZX550 Vision for a short 10 mile trip into Rocky Mount. While in town, I had to stop at the bank and get gas. 10 miles into town and 10 miles back home... How did 105 new miles get on the odometer? It has to be some sort of new mathematical formula.

I guess it might have a little to do with where I went after getting gas. It appears that I went North on Rt.122 to Burnt Chimney. I had forgotten how nice Rt.122 is to ride a motorcycle on. If you can just get rid of some of the traffic, it wouldn't be a bad road. When I got to Burnt Chimney, I turned onto Rt.116 to Boones Mill Road. Now, Boones Mill Road is a great road for a ride. Usually, Boones Mill Road has very little traffic and some nice sweeping curves all the way from Rt.116 to Rt.220. The curves continue onto Bethlehem Road to Callaway Road. Only problem I had on Bethlehem Road was that I got stuck behind a cement mixer... Ugh!

I took Callaway Road back toward the house, once I got to the house, I didn't want to stop. The bike was running really good and I was just shaking the winter riding habits. I took Five Mile Mountain Road to The Blue Ridge Parkway down to Tuggle's Gap. Five Mile Mountain Road was a bit rough, as they patch graveled it late last fall. Now, you can't really see where there is gravel in the road or if it's just the patch. The Parkway was great, so great in fact that I had to keep checking my speed. It's so easy to just haul ass down the parkway, but with a speed limit of only 45mph, you really gotta watch your speed.

Rt.8 passed Tuggle's Gap Restaurant, two bikes in the parking lot, and on to Woolwine. Rt.8 was in great condition, no gravel and high speed curves. Rt.40 from Woolwine to Ferrum was another story. Rt.40 is one of my favorite roads to ride and found lots of gravel in the corners. It seemed like there was just enough gravel to be only in the curves and just enough for you to cross over the pucker factor line once you realized it was there. The closer I got to Ferrum, the slower I found myself in the curves. Oh well. Short trip from Ferrum back to Callaway and I was once again home.

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