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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Daily Commute 2 Work

I thought I would share my commuting ride to work. I fabricated a camera mount to the side of the fairing on my Vision. Attached to the mount is a Wal-Mart Special point-n-shoot digital camera. Below is my entire commute on Ferrum mountain Road from Callaway to Ferrum. Get the popcorn and enjoy the show.

man if those roads were in better shape that would be an awsome ride. and whats up with crossing the center line so much? dont you know you could get a ticket for that. lol.
Actually, I only crossed the center line once and it was in a place where there is always gravel on the inside of the curve. The camera is mounted about 5 inches off the left side of the fairing, in front of my left knee, so it looks like I am more to the left than I actually am.
You did WHAT with our family camera???????Dear????
Haha, your busted! Better get your own camera! Really looking foward to the ride. It sort of snuck (is that a word?) up on us. Just 36 days.

Hey man. Where do you work as a Cop? I am a Police Officer also but I work in Roanoke. I live about 1 minute from the Callaway
Rescue squad. Drop me a line. Ed
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