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Friday, January 20, 2006

Head Shake ~ GONE!

The other day I decided to see if I can tighten the steering stem nuts any more. I took the spanner wrench that I bought from Lowes and filed down the ends to about half of what they were. I took off the Vision's gas tank and loosened the handle bar pinch bolts and steering stem bolt. I lifted the top triple tree plate and cranked down on the steering stem nuts with everything I had. I used the left side bar as leverage and gave it everything I had. The nuts did tighten up some more ~ about 2 full turns. Then, the handle on the spanner wrench snapped. Moved the steering from lock to lock, still not binding. Can't tighten the nuts any more without a wrench.

Rode the bike to work last night.... The head shake I had is completely gone. I am a happy camper! No more shakin' ~ The bike feels really good. In addition, I had to swap the forks out again and go back to my old forks. The newer forks had really bad leaky seals. They leaked so bad that after a short ride, the radiator was wet with fork oil... Not good. So I will run the old forks until I can rebuild the seals and dust covers in the new forks. I also found that my old forks have Progressive Springs in them and the new forks just have stock springs. Head shake gone and I have progressive springs. It was a good day.

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