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Monday, January 09, 2006

70 Degrees Today...But.

It started out being a great day...

Woke up this morning and the temperature was already up to 50 Degrees. My thinking, what a great day for a ride... Nope, The spousal unit had stuff that needed to be done that required the minivan. Okay, get all that stuff done and I decide, let me pull the front wheel and change the front axel and see what I get with the front end wobble.

1st I pull the front wheel. I then pull the bearing seals and clean up all the excessive grease in there and repack the wheel bearings. I notice on the exploded view of the front wheel in the Haynes Manual, they show 3 wheel bearings. Well, I have had this wheel off enough times to know that's not right. Maybe there is some type of bearing in the Speedometer gearing. So I pop the speedo gear apart. Nope no 3rd bearing in there. Clean up all the extra grease in there and notice a couple of places where there is rust in the splines. Decrease the entire thing, break out the emory cloth and clean up the rust. Re-grease everything and pop it back together.

Okay, wheel bearings regreased, speedometer gear cleaned and regreased... Lets put the wheel back on and hopefully still have time to atleast ride the bike to work. Still don't know why the Haynes Manual shows an extra wheel bearing in their exploded view of the front wheel.

Put it all back together, with the replacement axel, spin the front wheel.... Wow. This thing glides beautifully. The wheel spun easily before without any problems. Now, it's almost like it floats. Spin the wheel and I got tired of waiting for it to stop, had to use my hand as a brake and stop the wheel from spinning... Beautiful!

Clean everything up, put everything away, get changed for work... Push the bike out into the yard, fire it up. Fires up on the 1st push of the starter. Go back in as the bike warms up and get all my gear on. Outside now, swing a leg over the bike, drop it in 1st gear and it stalls. No big deal, just hit the starter again... Click, click click from the starter solenoid.


Reach under the seat rail and hit the starter while I am feeling the solenoid, yup it's the starter solenoid clicking, wait what was that... The starter tried to turn. Humph, the battery is fully charged. That was a weird sound the starter made.... Click, glub, glub,, click, click, click.

Roll the bike back in the basement, strip out of my gear and go to work in the minivan. Next day off, pull the starter and swap it with the one from the spare engine. It really did start out as a beautiful day.

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