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Monday, January 30, 2006

2Wheel Traveling GeoCache

I went for an 80 mile ride today. I had to get the Vision inspected and I had to hide the 2Wheel Traveling GeoCache. Once again, I went to Reed's Garage near where the Blue Ridge Parkway meets with Rt. 221 at Bent Mountain. Once again, they refused to charge me for my inpsection on my motorcycle. After Reed's, I went on my quest to locate a good place to hide the Cache. I started on the Blue Ridge Parkway, but couldn't find any place decent. I then wandered down Five Mile Mountain Road in Callaway, still no good places. I wound up near Woolwine after riding Rt. 40 (Wow, what a ride). From where the cache is hidden, A ride East on Rt.40 to Ferrum or a Ride Northwest on Rt.8 to Floyd, would make for a great day.

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