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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Tapered Roller Bearings Installed

After completing the entire process, I am guessing that it is a good thing that the only left over parts that I had were the old races and ball bearings. No extra parts is not a bad thing. However, when I took the bike for a test ride, I noticed I still had the slight head shake. The shake is better than it was before and a lot better that right after I dropped the bike. I guess I am making progress but not quite there yet. The entire front end of the bike feels much more secure on the road, so I am happy with the upgrade. While putting it all back together, I am glad I checked to see if my lights were still working. Apparently, my headlight was not. A loose and corroded connector in the rubber pouch behind the headlight was the culprit. I am glad I fixed it when I did and didn't have to pull it all apart again. I also coated the inside of the tachometer with dry graphite lubricant and that helped make my tach a little more responsive.

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