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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Living with it

Well, I have put about 50 miles on the bike since changing the head bearings. The head shake is still there. I have tightened the bearings up a bit, but with no difference. This annoying head shake has been with this bike since I've owned it. The head bearings are good, the forks are straight, the wheel bearings are good, the tire is balanced. Someone mentioned changing the swingarm bearings. Right now, I am going to live with what I got. I may tighten the head bearings again after a couple hundred miles. When the snow starts to fly, I will consider changing out the swingarm bearings. The cure for the head shake is out there. However, right now, the fight against the shake will be scaled back temporarily. I am going to get as many riding days in as I can, until the tires lose traction in the snow.

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