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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Cold Metal

To help seat the races and the bearings where they belong, I placed the races and the steering stem in the freezer over night. Freezing the races helped a lot, they nearly dropped right into place. Getting the lower bearings onto the steering stem was another story. Freezing the steering stem didn't seem to help at all. I tried several different ways to tap the bearings onto the stem, the first was using a piece of PVC Pipe and a Plumbing Wrench. The PVC was too soft and didn't have enough UMPH to get the bearings on down the steering stem. I tried using a Socket Wrench extension to try tapping around the top of the bearings and that didn't seem to be making progress evenly. I found a spare Buddy Foot Peg Bracket from the Parts Vision. On that bracket is a hole that is the perfect size to slip down over the steering stem and fit the top of the bearings. I then used a hammer and tapped the bracket on top of the bearings to seat the bearings to the bottom of the steering stem. That worked.

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