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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Off to Meet the Dragon

I left my house in Callaway, Virginia at about 11:00 AM on Friday. It rained a little as I was leaving the house, but soon stopped. I rode the interstate most all the way. I81 then to I40 to Knoxville. I81 was closed in Tennessee for a major accident involving hazmat trucks and fire. In Knoxville I hit a lot of traffic, but I was soon pulling closer to the rural area of Route 129. I had to ride the tail of the dragon to get to the motorcycle resort and on my 1st trip through, I had my picture taken by the infamous "Killboy". That was cool. As soon as I arrived at about 5:30 PM, James (PS2) was there waiting on me. About an hour later, Bill (Mutt) pulled in with his Vision in the back of his truck. All was looking very well. We ate diner and talked about Visions. Then we ran the Dragon a time or two just to get it done. There is nothing like that 1st ride through this stretch of road.

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