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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Deal's Gap Videos

All in all, my trip to meet the dragon was 912 miles. Not as many as James but still quite a few miles for a 23+ year old motorcycle. The following two videos are of the four Visions running through the gap behind a slow Miata. The videos show the Miata, a Vision, a Honda ST1100, two more Visions and then I am shooting the video from the fairing of my Vision.

Four Visions and an ST1100: Video 1 Video 2

These next two videos are of James (PS2) running the Dragon heading toward the Deal's Gap Motorcycle Resort again, with me following and shooting the video from the fairing of my Vision.

James Slaying the Dragon: Video 3 Video 4

Awsome videos, any idea what you speed was through there?
I only timed 2 of our runs through the Dragon. I timed our 1st run through on Saturday morning at 16 minutes. The 2nd one I timed was as we were heading out for a ride on The Foothills Parkway and that one was 14 minutes. Those were the only 2 I timed. I didn't pay too much attention to the speedometer as you REALLY have to pay attention to the road, but I would guess on the really tight curves, speed would dip down to 15 mph. Then on some of the short straights, the Vision would accelerate up to about 50-60 mph before having to brake real hard.
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