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Friday, July 08, 2005

I almost "Low Sided" my bike this morning. I put this Dunlop "Touring Elite" tire on the rear of the Vision, basically to see what a touring tire feels like on the bike. Well, I think my riding style is not quite "touring". Three or four times this morning in tight corners, I felt the rear of the bike slide out from under me. Now, it might have been that the road was a little wet or maybe some gravel from the heavy rains last night or maybe that it's a used tire. The tire was firm and sturdy and long as I wasn't flogging the bike real hard in the twisties, but that's what I like to do. The Avon Super Venoms I had on the bike were too soft and wore out too quickly. The Avons were definately a Sport Bike tire. This is definately a touring tire. I have a "Sport Touring" tire on order. Hopefully, that will have the best qualities of both the Sport and the Touring tires. Hopefully, that's why they call it a "Sport Touring" tire. Posted by Picasa

Keep in mind that suspension settings play a huge part in how a new tire reacts. Rarely can you simply slap a different compound onto a bike and have it handle to your liking without some tweaking.
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