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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Thank You Bill Lewis

Finally, I found a set of hard cases for the Vision. I've purchased a set of Krauser cases for my bike. These cases were originally made to fit the Yamaha Vision way back in 1983. Once I figured out how to mount them, the istallation was simple.

I need to thank my friend Bill Lewis for allowing me to borrow his soft luggage for the past year (at least). The soft luggage worked well and actually holds more than the Krausers, but from them rubbing on the side of the bike, they were starting to scratch the plastic underneath.

The next step is to find a way to remount the small sissy seat on the back for my wife. I may have to break into "Fabrication Mode" and try to figure this out. I wonder if I can remove the grab handle and fabricate something up from those bolt points.

Here is a picture of the new bags installed. The picture sux, but hey, it's posted. When I get out and about, I will take and post a better picture. Until then, you're stuck with this one.

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