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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Jack Frost Wanted - Dead or Alive

Preferrably Dead! Well, winter is still here. Snowed about 4 to 5 inches of wet snow Sunday night into Monday. The temperature has since dropped and froze everything solid. This morning, the wind is blowing making it all that much colder.

Mobil 1 has gone and changed their Synthetic formula. The "Red Cap" that a lot of motorcycle riders look for and use in their bikes may be a thing of the past. Replaced with Mobil 1's new Entended Life Synthetic Motor Oil. The Extended Life is supposed to be Guaranteed for 15,000 Miles. That's just ducky as a Guarantee doesn't mean squat to me. A Guarantee just tells me that they will refund the price of the oil if my engine fails. I would like them to Warranty my engine, now that would be nice. Besides, who wants to keep the same oil in the engine for 15,000 miles. What about the small particles that the oil filter doesn't catch, do I really want them floating around the engine for 15,000 miles? I change the oil, not only for the renewed viscosity, but to remove any small abrasive peices that have found their way into the engine somehow. Besides, from what I am hearing.... the "New" Mobil 1 is costing somewhere between $1 to $3 more a quart than the "Red Cap" was.

In addition to this, the Motorcycle BlogBar that I wrote about a short while ago has gone "tits up". The owner of the BlogBar advised that he will be looking for a replacement and that the demise of the BlogBar was beyond his control. Oh well, it was interesting while it lasted.

Yeah, The Blogbar is under Life Support. I am looking for a replacement, and will let everyone know when its in the recovery room.

And Winter sucks here in Canada too...
I'll join you in cursing Jack Frost, Mother Nature and lake effect snow. The Philly area got dumped on as well and there is no forecast above low 40s in sight.

Lets all hope for bright, warm sunshine and clear pavement.
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