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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The Weather Continues

Well, the weather is the best I have seen it since graduating from the Police Academy... And it's January!

Tuesday, Heather and I rode to Rocky Mount (2 up) for lunch. I think the bike handles better with 2 people on it. It was forecast to a better and better chance of rain as the day got later and later. I decided not to ride the bike to work. That was a mistake. The weather was great.

I did ride the bike to work last night and guess what... It rained. Not a lot of rain, but enough to make the ride home on wet roads. The wet roads really dirtied up the bike. Today, I am going to remove the fairing to attempt to install my new grips and heated grip inserts. So, I will clean a lot ot the dirt up during the process.

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