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Saturday, January 01, 2005

That wonderful winter weather

Today was incredible. 70 Degrees on New Years Day!

Met the TVR at Famous Anthony's in Roanoke. Had a good breakfast with some great conversation. Bill Lewis showed up with his BMW FrankenBike - Things a Monster. Most of the group gathered plans for a group ride somewhere. Bill advised he and his wife were going to go shopping in Lynchburg and were taking the bike. He invited me to tag along.

We left Roanoke on the Blue Ridge Parkway and then onto Rt. 24 East. We followed Rt. 24 until the New London area where we hopped up over to Rt. 460 to Lynchburg. I talked to Bill for a while at the Mall (the mention of inspection stickers came up) and then said my good-bye to head home.

Heading home I went back through New London and back onto Rt. 24. At the intersection of Rt. 122, I went South on Rt. 122. Outstanding day with lots and lots of bikes out enjoying this 70+ Degree day. From Rt. 122, I made a Right onto Rt. 116. A few miles on Rt. 116 and I came up on a Sheriff's Department Check Point. I offered my Driver's License which was looked over, some small talk about it being a nice day for a motorcycle ride, a look over the bike by the Deputy found that my inspection sticker was missing. Could that be? But Deputy, it should be right [me pointing to the left fork] there... Huh, it's not there.... What happened to it? Deputy advised that it looks like someone scrapped it off. I was dumbfounded, who would do such a thing and why? The Deputy gave me back my license and said to enjoy this beautiful day. Off I went.

Followed Rt. 116 to Boones Mill Road. Normally this is a great motorcycle road. That is if you don't get stuck behind a "cager" doing 15 mph under the speed limit. There is NO place to pass on Boones Mill Road. It was a long ride to Boones Mill. Once in Boones Mill, Bethleham Road to Callaway Road and then home. What a great day!

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