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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Something Unexpected

So, I started a blog. What I didn't expect is that owning and posting a blog has turned into a small community of people who love to ride and read about others riding. I like the whole community blog thing. Some have posted my blog link on their pages, so the right thing to do is post some of the interesting places I have seen, here on my blog.

40 Years on 2 Wheels is a very interesting read. You can spend a very long time here. Through Two Wheel Rants I found the extremely helpful Motorcycle Blogbar. The BlogBar continiously looks for new and interesting motorcycle related bolgs. Once added to your web browser, all you need to do when you get bored is click the little down arrow... Up pops a list of hours and hours of reading. I found this one interesting: ride your own

I like meeting new people, no matter what you ride, so don't be shy about posting comments to my posts. I like to know what people think about my reality.

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