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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Small Passenger

Okay, so I had a very small passenger on the bike with me today. You see, the wife wanted new fish in the fish tank, but didn't want to flush the one fish that was currently in the fish tank. So, we decided to donate the fish to the small fish pond at Ferrum College. The pond currently has no fish in it. The little guy got scooped out of his comfy home and placed in a coffee can and then strapped to the back of the bike. The fish actually traveled quite well on the twisty mountain to the college. The fish seemed to be quite happy when he/she swam out of the can into the pond.

Unfortuantely, four hours later when I checked on the little guy, he didn't appear to be moving very much. Well, if it's your time, what better than to have been on a motorcycle sometime prior during that day.

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