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Saturday, January 08, 2005

New Heated Grips

The heated grips are installed. The process uploaded in reverse order so if you're interested in reading about it, you might want to scroll down to the 1st post for January 8th.

The grips work great. I rode to work yesterday, when the temperature was 44 degrees, I was wearing my summer "breathable/air flow" gloves and my palms were hot and the rest of my hands were warm. I rode the bike to get it inspected afterwards and rode for 40 miles with my hands staying nice and warm.

I got the bike inspected at Reed's Garage in Copper Hill. They refused to take any money for the inspection stating something like "I don't charge for bike inspections as it's my way of giving back to the biking community". After the inspection, I rode the 25 miles home with my winter gloves on. My winter gloves are considerably thicker than my summer gloves. I could still feel the heat through the gloves and when I got home, my hands were still nice and toasty warm.

Only drawback is the Clutch side gets slightly warmer than the Throttle side. My only guess is that the Clutch side is adhered to the metal bar and the Throttle to the plastic throttle sleeve. Who knows? In any event, definately a must upgrade for any motorcycle, especially my Vision.

Nice work so far. I posted a comment and a link over on my blog. Keep up the good work!

Doug K.
Forty Years on Two Wheels
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