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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Cold Weather Riding

On Saturday evening, I had to make a few simple repairs and modifications before my ride on Sunday. I had to rewire the Left/Front turn signal as the wire tends to wear through from time to time at the base of the turn signal. I firmed up the rear suspension to the max setting. I also found that there was only 20 psi in both tires. Brought the rear to 32 psi and the front to 28 psi. Ah, the joy of a 23 year old motorcycle.

On Sunday, December 5th, I started my ride at about 8:00 AM. At the house, it was 40 Degrees. I was to meet some Twin Valley Rider members at the Jackson Street Cafe in Blacksburg, Virginia. I left the house and headed up Five Mile Mountain Road to the Blue Ridge Parkway, crossed the Parkway and continued on Franklin Pike into Floyd. From Floyd, I took Route 8 to Christiansburg. At one point on Route 8, the temperature hit a low of 28 Degrees. Brrr, I don't run any heated clothing off of my bike. Even with about 6 layers of clothes, it was quite chilly. From Christiansburg, simply Route 460 Business into Blacksburg.

I arrived in Blacksburg at about 9:15 AM and met 4 other TVR members. We had a good breakfast that lasted about 2 hours. My ride back home was great. The bike was running beautifully, the weather was very clear and the temperature was in the upper 50's. I had a spirited ride home on the same route I took to Blacksburg. The return ride took exactly an hour. Smiles on my face.

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