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Monday, December 06, 2004

Another Sunday Writer

This is being reposted from the Twin Valley Rider's Yahoo Group about our December 5th Breakfast:

From: "Chris"
Date: Sun Dec 5, 2004 3:58 pm
Subject: Sunday Breakfast at Jackson Street Cafe

Today was our first "First Sunday Breakfast." Five riders converged on Jackson Street in Blacksburg in time for the 9:30 AM opening time at Jackson Street Cafe: Chrish, Chris F, John H, Hugh V, and SkipF. For cylinder-counters, there were three vee-fours and two vee-twins. Two of the bikes rode all the way from Blacksburg, one fromNewport, one from Pearisburg, and one hearty rider made the journey from far-off Callaway. The nice lady manager thought we might be freezing and opened the doors a few minutes early and informed us the coffee was made. We went inside and claimed a couple of tables, which we shared with JimS, who drove in a bit later. The coffee was hot and strong (good!), and we studied the menu and placed our bets. Service was reasonably fast (we were the only folks there for a while) and the food was tasty. I had Lucy's Company Eggs, a spicy breakfast casserole, which came with a biscuit (not homemade, but still pretty good). After some spirited discussion of motorcycles and tires and gas and what-all, we vacated the premises. Jim S headed home, Chris F headed back to Callaway for some Christmas tree activities, and the rest of us embarked on the Little Creek Loop, which I previously posted here and is now online at At VA 100, Skip waved off and headed North, and at the Little Creek turnoff, Hugh waved off and continued South, leaving John and me to enjoy the 30 miles of swoopy Little Creek Road to US 52 and the climb to the top of Big Walker Mountain. The store at the top was closed, but we took a break to enjoy the view. A GSXR-600 rider stopped to chat with us a bit before heading back down the mountain. I gave him a card, so maybe he'll join us for breakfast sometime. John and I varied the Little Creek Loop a bit: instead of heading North on US 52 in Bland, we continued East on VA 42 toMechanicsburg, then took 606 through Hollybrook and Pumpkin Center to South Gap where a quick jaunt on US 52 took us to Rocky Gap where we took the entrance ramp to the Wolf Creek Autobahn. After crossing the New River, we followed 625 back to the river and then Spruce Run along the beautiful little creek that gives the road its name. John waved off as he headed home, and I continued to US460 and home to Blacksburg.
Breakfast: $7.60
Gas: $9.52
160 miles and four hours of riding: Priceless


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